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Easy to use: put the battery on the spray water whale and then on the water. It will automatically spray water and flash. Take it out when not in use, dry the water on it, dry it with a towel, and use it directly next time. The product has a device that automatically senses water and will work when it senses water. Taking out the dry water from the water will stop working.
Good gifts for babies Sprinkler toys are perfect for bathing, swimming pool or birthday, seasonal, baby shower, and party gifts. Bath toys, spinning and floating on the water, spraying stimulating fountains, bringing endless entertainment for babies in bathing.

Material: ABS
Function: water spray, electric light, and music
Packing method: color box
3C configuration category: electric toys under 14 years old
Color: Whale induction water jet ball + base:A

Package Content
Water Spray Whale *1

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